Windmills at Zaanse Schans

Green windmill at the Dutch Zaanse Schans near the river

Just outside Amsterdam, easy to reach by any means of transportation, take your children to a trip back in the past, in a traditional Dutch atmosphere of 18th-19th centuries. The project started in 1961 and various wooden building from throughout the region (windmills, barns, houses, and crafts-shops) were gathered here. But do not imagine that you will be visiting another museum, this is not the case. The place is as life full as it was centuries ago: the mills are still in use, you can see people practicing specific crafts (carved wooden shoes, cheese production, cocoa processing, etc.).

Kids will be absolutely amazed and so will you, probably. Be prepared to spend here at least half a day, but if your schedule allows, you can even spend a night here.

Important to know when you are taking the kids:

  • Access in the area, most attractions and workshops is free of charge, but there are some places with entrance fee;
  • Zaanse Schans can be visited the entire year, but you should better check the schedule on the website in advance for the opening hours and days of each place you want to see;
  • You are welcome to explore the entire area by yourselves, but there are also organized tours;
  • The dedicated app could be a nice wizard for your trip to Zaanse Schans!

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